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every model needs a best friend!

BF to Many VIP Models in London

Being a best friend to all my friends in the fashion and glamour modelling industry is a great life with I can honestly say more pro’s than con’s.

Ok for one I get back stage access and many of the seasons biggest shows in London, Paris and New York and there is definitely a big difference between being in the public seats out front and being privy to what really happens behind the scenes.

It really does help if your the type of girl who sees no evil, hears no evil and most of all speaks no evil, London escorts are known for keeping one hundred secrets but, models BF see’s and knows far more!

One of my best girlfriend Marcia is currently preparing to on location in the Caribbean for an album cover shoot with a group of guys “who’s names I won’t mention” are so use to their songs being at number for weeks on end that we now just refer to them as the hit machine.

Marcia is a great girlfriend we love double dating together in London and the more famous the guys “or girls” the more up for it we are and really do mean up for it!

In my spare time I’ve now started ghost writing for a few womens magazines apparently it seems that I have a very naughty and addictive imagination when writing saucy interactions between guys girls living the London life.